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ClikPik offers an online platform for all the avid book readers to buy their favourite books while sitting in the comfort of their homes or offices, from any part of the world. ClikPik is the perfect marketplace to sell or buy books online without having to wander around! On ClikPik, buyers can browse through huge collection of latest books, classics, magazines, comics, novels, encyclopaedia and more! For those looking to sell or buy books online, ClikPik is the one stop destination. So, what books can you find on our website?

Types of books available on ClikPik

  1. Novels
    Are you an avid reader of fiction novels? If yes, head on to ClikPik online marketplace now! Browse through our intense collection of classic fiction as well as all latest books – right from horror to thrillers, romance to war and more!
  2. Comics
    For all the comics readers and sellers, ClikPik gives you the right platform to sell and buy books online, and keep the entire collection under one roof. We have a huge collection of all your favorite comics that will make the inner bookworm in you, dance in joy!
  3. Subject matter books
    Be it history, geography, science or mathematics – if you are looking for any particular book on a subject, browse through our collection on ClikPik! We have many retailers selling these subject matter books at great costs!
  4. Others
    Apart from these broad types of books, we also cater to the needs of magazine readers, puzzle lovers, artists and more! Go through our vast collection of motivational, inspirational collection, cookbooks, art and painting books and more in just a few clicks! When it comes to those looking for a platform to sell or buy books online, the search ends with us! Explore a whole new world of books collection at our platform and pet your inner reader today.

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