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What can I sell on ClikPik?

ClikPik provides a marketplace for all sellers to sell all kinds of stuff from clothing to auto parts. You choose what you want to sell and let us do the marketing to bring your product in front of millions of shoppers.

What do I need to do to create a shop?

It’s easy to set up a shop on ClikPik. Create an ClikPik account (if you don’t already have one), set your shop location and currency, choose a shop name, create a listing and set a payment method (how you want to be paid).

Our mission is to connect millions of buyers and sellers around the world, empowering people & creating economic opportunity for all.

Within our markets, millions of people around the world connect, both online and offline, to make, sell and buy all types of quality goods. We also offer a wide range of Seller Services and tools that help creative entrepreneurs start, manage and scale their businesses. Our mission is to reimagine commerce in ways that build a more fulfilling and lasting world, and we’re committed to using the power of business to strengthen communities and empower people.

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We have great product bundles and we offer a spectrum of eCommerce solutions to our customers.
ClikPik is buyers’ #1 choice
Registered and verified sellers from the UK
looking for the perfect place to buy

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Want to learn how to sell on ClikPik but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place. 

ClikPik Sell Items Online

For a modern entrepreneur with a product to sell, ClikPik is the marketplace for you. Our mission is to connect millions of buyers and sellers from all over the world. We offer a wide range of seller services and tools that help creative entrepreneurs start, manage and scale their business.

It’s totally free to create an online store with ClikPik, there’s no listing fees and no subscriptions. Just follow 3 simple steps to launch your own online store and reach local and global markets.

3 Simple Steps to Start Selling On ClikPik

1. Create seller account
Tell us who you are and about your store.

2. Add Your Items
Tell us what you’re selling and add a few pictures of the item.

3. Receive Online Orders
Get paid instantly, pack and send items.

How much does it cost to sell on ClikPik?

It’s totally free to create your online store, there’s no listing fees and no subscriptions. You only pay a small transaction fee once your product sells. 

Listing Fees
No listing fees

Monthly Subscriptions
No subscriptions

Transaction Fees
ClikPik collects a transaction fee of 10% of the total order amount only after the customer has purchased an item from your store. 

Sell Local or Reach Global Markets

ClikPik makes it easy for you to sell locally or worldwide. Create a localised storefront and reach global markets. Sell your items in locations of your choice, in multiple currencies and choose from a range of shipping options including store pickup, by postcode, by weight or by selected countries. We have the tools for you to grow your brand.

What’s great is, not only products, but ClikPik is the perfect platform for listing services as well. If you would like to sell your services as a designer, writer or marketer, just to name a few, you can always use ClikPik! 

ClikPik is the ideal platform for connecting sellers and buyers online. Hundreds and thousands of products that have been hand-picked from the greatest sellers can be found on ClikPik. And, we assemble buyers from all across.  

After putting your online store into practice, if you start getting the results you were hoping for, you can gradually add additional elements and create further expansion plans based on what you’ve discovered so far. 

Connecting buyers and sellers online is crucial for retailers to develop tactics for increasing sales. That entails being accessible to customers who shop online, particularly those who shop on ClikPik this year and in the years to come. 

Therefore, ClikPik ensures nurturing the right platform to keep connecting sellers and buyers online. So, how does ClikPik help to connect sellers and buyers online?  

Hundreds of sellers and buyers 

On ClikPik, there are hundreds of sellers from all around the world, particularly from The UK and they showcase the best of their products. And, buyers can browse through to order these products from the comfort of their homes. If you are a seller looking to sell your speciality product locally and globally, then ClikPik is the right platform for you! 

Great Search option 

ClikPik is the perfect marketplace for connecting sellers and buyers online where you as a seller, can get your products to rank up higher on the search bar with the right optimisation game. For buyers, they will find ample products related to one search query and they can select what product they want, within their budget and choice! We give you unending choices in that!

ClikPik is the best online platform for anyone looking to buy or sell products online. We have great product bundles and we offer a spectrum of eCommerce solutions to our customers. Right from checkout to shipping, buyers get an unparalleled experience with ClikPik. And, for sellers, we have a hassle-free eCommerce experience, and a vast customer reach which helps them reach out to potential audience locally as well as globally.

When it comes to selling items, ClikPik is buyers’ #1 choice. Whether you are looking to buy or sell products online, a simple process and huge inventory is what awaits you!

Sell any product online with ClikPik?

Registered and verified sellers from the UK can sell their products on ClikPik. We present to you a large pool of customers from all over the world who are waiting to shop from your online store! If you are aUK based electronic store who wishes to expand their market and be truly global, we are here for you!

Build unparalleled buying experiences 

ClikPik follows the strategy to connect buyers to sellers by identifying the products that are doing the best business and focus more on those. Being the right kind of platform for online shopping, ClikPik shows the best products, most in demand, so that it gets easier for buyers to find the right match!  

Sell stuff with ClikPik

You can start selling clothes online by creating your free online store with ClikPik. Decide which clothes you will sell, add the products to your store, choose your delivery method, and set up your payment method so customers can make and pay for purchases.

Is that pink fuzzy sweater no longer sparking joy? Then it’s time to whip out your mobile device. Selling your old clothes online has never been easier, thanks to resale websites and clothing apps that let you set up shop from the comfort of your own home.

Plus, if you’re trying to declutter your closet, donating or reselling your clothes and accessories is always the best choice for the planet according to the Good Housekeeping Institute’s sustainability experts, since the most sustainable fashion is anything pre-owned. Reducing waste and making some extra cash? Now that’s what we call a win-win.

That said, when it comes to selling your unwanted clothes online, not all services are created equal. While some do all the work for you, others require that you snap photos and type out detailed descriptions of your items.

To get you started, we asked our editors and product experts to share their favourite places to sell clothes online.

Who it’s best for: Sellers that don’t have time to create listings, take pictures and ship their items.

You can sell new and used women’s clothing, from premium and designer brands like Theory and Tory Burch, to clothing from retailers like J. Crew and Ann Taylor Loft and many others. ClikPik lets you list women’s clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, plus size, maternity and kids’ clothes. Some of the most popular brands include Nike, Adidas, Lacoste and more. If your items don’t sell, ClikPik will either ship them back to you or recycle them, depending on your preference.

ClikPik offers you the option to sell just a few one-off items or, for serious sellers, the ability to set up a virtual storefront complete with a store logo, description and direct connection your social media handles. Once you’re set-up, it’s similar to other clothing resale sites where you’re in charge of taking photos or videos of the items you’re selling and writing up a description, including important details such as color, size, item condition and price. It’s free to list items, you just pay ClikPik 10% when it sells.

ClikPik Online Marketplace

There are categories to sell both menswear and womenswear from everyday casual clothing to prom dresses. Popular brands include Nike, Adidas, Zara and Brandy Melville. You can also list jewelry, beauty items, home decor, sports equipment and more.

Top brands to sell on ClikPik include Louis Vuitton, Coach, Nike and Lululemon just to name a few in womenswear, menswear and kids clothing. Not only can you sell everyday clothing but you can also sell wedding dresses or suits and just about everything in between.

ClikPik Local Online Marketplace 

When you sell an item through ClikPik, the company sends you a prepaid shipping label, making it simple to pack and track your package as it goes off to the buyer.

To list your women’s, men’s and kids’ clothing on ClikPik app, you’ll need to take your own photos, write descriptions and set the price. You can sell dressy to casual attire with top brands such as Nike, Lululemon and Tory Burch being top sellers.

Once an item sells, a prepaid shipping label with a discounted rate will be emailed to you (you can also ship it on your own, but ClikPik recommends this option only for experienced sellers or oversized items). It’s free to list, but there is a flat 10% selling fee charged when a sale completes.

If you have luxury women’s, men’s or kids’ items to sell, ClikPik recommends heading to ClikPik. The online consignment shop can pick up your items right from your home, but you can also ship them directly to the ClikPik Fulfilment centre for a free valuation. From there, luxury fashion experts evaluate, photograph, price and sell your items for you. Once your item is sold, the company guarantees you’ll pocket up to anywhere between 30% to 85% of the profits, depending on how much you’ve previously sold on the site. Also, the more you sell, the higher the commission! 

Sell Online with ClikPik

ClikPik takes a ton of the hassle out of selling women’s clothes, bags and shoes. Just snap a quick photo, upload it to the ClikPik app and it’s up for the world to see. Once an item sells, select from a ClikPik Fulfilment priority label, a full shipping kit (complete with a box and shipping label), or use your own box to send it to the lucky buyer. Coveted brands and retailers include Chanel, Alice + Olivia, Tom Ford, Zara and more.

ClikPik Sell Products Online 

Moms, meet your new best friend. ClikPik is the top-rated kids’ clothing app, allowing you to easily sell your kids’ hand-me-downs. Just set up your shop’s “storefront,” promote your pieces from top-selling brands like Matilda Jane Clothing, Mini Boden, Tea, Petunia Pickle Bottom and more and then send them off to buyers once they sell.

After that, ClikPik will take a 10% fee from the list price. But fair warning: You might find it tough to resist buying all those cute accessories, toys and shoes while you’re browsing.

ClikPik, the original buying and selling site that we all know and love, has been a resale go-to. If you want to sell your clothes (or anything, really) all you have to do is set up an ClikPik account, post a photo and description, choose a starting price and watch as people make bids on your item. Or you can use the “Buy It Now” option and sell it for a fixed price. There’s also an opportunity to use both methods at once, and see what people will offer on the clothing.

You can sell just about any brand on eBay but in-demand brands include Zegna, Carhartt, Eileen Fisher, Free People, Diane von Furstenberg and more in men’s, women’s and kids’ clothing. You can purchase one of ClikPik’s labels or handle shipping on your own once an item sells.

ClikPik, the popular online marketplace that specializes in handmade and vintage items, is a great place to sell your old clothing. You can sell women’s, men’s and kids’ clothing as well as bags and purses.

Keep in mind, according to ClikPik’s policy items sold must be vintage and according to ClikPik’s policy vintage is defined as clothing items at least 20 years old.


Selling your clothes online can be worth it, but don’t expect every single item to be profitable. Clothing that is in excellent condition and in demand will yield the best results, as long as applicable fees and shipping rates are less than the price you’re selling it for.

Take note, the money you’ll get per item can vary vastly depending on the item with some only bringing in a few dollars, while luxury designer clothing could bring in hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars. A good rule of thumb, the more work you do, the more you’ll get paid.

Still, it’s worth keeping in mind that even if you simply break even, it’s a worthwhile endeavor to give your clothes a new home, instead of sending them off to join the 11 million tons of textile waste that ends up in landfills each year.

ClikPik Online Marketplace 

  • Determine if it’s worth selling. Before you spend time listing your item, you’ll want to determine if it’s even worth selling. Examine the piece to make sure it’s in sellable condition, meaning no holes, tears or stains. In some cases, you may be able to sell clothes with defects, but they often won’t sell for a good price.
  • Consider the seasonality of the item. While items can sell out of season, it’s more likely you’ll get a better price in season. A good rule of thumb is to follow what retailers are selling in stores. If it’s out of season, you may want to hold off on selling it.
  • Scope out the competition. Do a quick search on the platform for the item you are selling to see how many there already are for sale and the average listing price. If you see 50 black Gap t-shirts listed at a really low price, you may want to consider if it’s worth your time and energy.
  • Estimate shipping costs. Once you’ve scoped out the competition and have a ballpark idea of what the item might sell for, use a shipping calculator to estimate the shipping cost of the item. This will help determine if you want to sell the item at all, if it costs more to ship than what buyers are willing to pay.
  • Take high-quality photos. Good photos are extremely important; after all the buyer can’t see this item in person or touch it, so photos and the description are all they have to determine if they want to buy or not.
  • Write a detailed description. Tell the buyer everything they need to know about the item such as brand, style name, size, color, measurements, materials and anything else that’s relevant. You’ll also want to note any imperfections and generally be as transparent as possible about the condition, otherwise this could lead to the buyer returning the item.
  • Make sure your items are freshly cleaned. You’ll want to make sure your clothes are stain-free, steamed and look as new as possible, otherwise you could risk complaints from buyers that the item doesn’t match the listing.

You can manage orders, chat with buyers and buy/print discounted postage for a super smooth selling experience.

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